Verizon Wireless iPhone – We’re Almost Sure This Time

Since roughly the day after the iPhone was first released exclusively on AT&T’s wireless service, there has been speculation about when the device would be available to Verizon Wireless subscribers. I’ve even fallen prey to the Verizon iPhone mania on a couple of times, myself. But it’s been a neverending series of “Verizon is getting the iPhone… and this time, we mean it!” for quite awhile now.

But this time, they may actually be announcing it. For real-real, not for play-play.

Verizon Wireless has invited the press to a special event at the Lincoln Center in New York City, scheduled for 11am on 1/11/11. (They couldn’t resist… let’s just be thankful they’re not insisting on starting at 11:11 and 11 seconds!) Check out the invitation:

It is widely assumed that this is meant to herald the release of the iPhone on Verizon Wireless’s network, ending AT&T Wireless’s long-standing monopoly on iPhones in the United States. There’s even talk that Apple CEO Steve Jobs will be joining Verizon President and COO Lowell McAdam onstage at the event.

For many, this is more of a, “FINALLY, they’ll quit talking about it and just do it!” kind of revelation. A year ago, we were certain that Verizon Wireless was getting the iPhone in the Summer of 2010. But then, it didn’t, leaving some to speculate that AT&T’s decision to offer favorable terms on wireless data plans for the new iPad tablet device was rewarded by a delay in breaking AT&T’s iPhone exclusivity contract.

Others insisted that we’d have the VW iPhone by Christmas of 2010, but obviously nothing happened there either. (It’s rumored that AT&T lobbied hard for Apple to wait until after the holidays, so they could snag as many new 2-year contracts as possible, before opening the doors to Verizon.)

So… assuming that this is actually happening this time, what does this mean for those of us with iPhones today? I know many of my readers are loyal iPhone enthusiasts… Are any of you planning to drop AT&T and move over to Verizon Wireless? Leave a reply below!

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