Yuppie Bastard

I’ve posted about the occasional weird and random Foursquare badge a couple of times since I began my near-obsession with the location-based iPhone application… But this latest one was pretty timely. After a self-indulgent post chastising myself for being too quick to spend money on frivolous purchases, ultimately driving my debt higher and higher, I decided to return an online clothing purchase at the mall.

And I ended up earning this Foursquare badge upon check-in:

BARISTA BADGE: Congrats - you've checked in at 5 different Starbucks! Be sure to pick up a double tall latte for your friend - I'm sure they'd do the same for you.

Yes, I drove to the mall to prove that I could make more responsible choices about purchases, opting to return a brand new sweater and get my money back… And then I spent five bucks on a cup of freakin’ coffee. Worse, earning the badge just proved that I’ve blown money at Starbucks way too much, in five different locations around the country.

Aw, who am I kidding… I was taking the sweater back because it was the wrong size. But hey, at least I didn’t buy any clothes while I was there! That’s worth some self-control credit, isn’t it?

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