Smartphone Boarding Passes

Frequent readers know how absurdly dependent I am on my iPhone… It’s become my source for email, news, banking, etc… And now, it’s become my boarding pass at airports.

That’s right, thanks to a new program rolling out at many airports, smartphone users can download their boarding pass for air travel and just hold their phone to a scanner, without requiring a paper boarding pass. I’d heard of the pilot program, and even seen the scanners set up at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport recently, but until this morning I’d never actually used it.

It’s a simple thing, really… All it saves you is carrying around a printed out paper boarding pass, which is admittedly easier to handle than a smartphone. But there’s just something so MODERN about simply flashing your phone to maneuver through Security and board a plane.

Check this out… This was my boarding pass this morning, displayed on my iPhone:

Proponents will point out that this will undoubtedly save a bunch of paper over the long term, as fewer boarding passes are printed through the air travel system. And sure, there’s probably some truth to that.

But c’mon, this is just plain COOL, tangible benefits or not.

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