Memoirs of a Gaysha

A friend recently started a new blog: Memoirs of a Gaysha. I made him confirm to me that he was serious about the name… Sure enough, it’s posted and there are already a couple of entries. In his own words, he’s ready to start ranting and raving.

Here’s why I think you should read his blog.

The author is an actor in Charlotte, though likely to be leaving town after the summer. His knowledge of theatre is extensive, going well beyond just those shows he’s performed in (though that’s a big enough list to be impressive by itself.)

So if you’re one of my readers who enjoys my long rambling theatre reviews, you’ll love reading what he has to say on the subject. Of course, that’s assuming that he decides to write theatre reviews — it’s a new blog, so who knows? (This is my subtle hint that I want him to write theatre reviews.)

He’s also a smart guy, with whom I’ve had more than a handful of surprising conversations. I’ve frequently been impressed by his skill with the written word, and I figure if his writing is impressive via Instant Message, then a blog that he can actually craft and tweak will probably be outstanding.

Right now is pretty small — as of this writing, there are only three posts. One is a welcome post, and the next two are recipes. (For the record, both recipes look delicious. I may demand that he cook them for me in return for me shamelessly — and without prompting — pimping out his blog on

So yeah, if you’d like to support a new blogger, who happens to be a friend of mine, then by all means, go read Make sure you add comments/replies to any posts that capture your attention. And of course, don’t be shy about sharing with your friends, too.

Oh, and tell him GatorUptown sent ya 😉

Memoirs of a Gaysha

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