Charlotte to host the 2012 Democratic National Convention

On Tuesday, Democratic leaders announced the location of the 2012 Democratic National Convention, scheduled in early September (and thus, just a few months before the national election.) And to my surprise and delight, it’s going to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina… about a mile from where I’m typing this.

Naturally I’m thrilled, for a number of reasons.

First, though I’m a registered Independent and thus do not have a political party affiliation, I definitely tend to lean towards liberal views more than conservative ones. (The exceptions tend to drive my liberal activist friends batshit crazy, which is sometimes entertaining on its own, but I digress…) So, the opportunity to potentially attend the Democratic National Convention is something I will look forward to.

More importantly, though, this will likely do wonders for the Charlotte economy. The Democratic National Committee estimated that 50,000 additional visitors came to Denver for the 2008 convention, leading to an economic impact of $160 million in the city. That’s BIG NEWS to someone who owns two homes within a mile of the convention center and whose employer is headquartered a few blocks away — what’s good for Charlotte is ultimately good for my property values and employment stability.

Of course, not everyone is happy with the decision of Charlotte as the convention city for 2012. Some are quick to point out that the Obama team likely chose Charlotte for, among other reasons, its location in the South… Democrats won North Carolina by an incredibly slim margin in 2008, and undoubtedly are hoping to improve their shaky grip on the state, and indeed, the entire “New South” region, before Election Day in 2012.

Whatever the political maneuvering involved, I’m just happy to see the Queen City getting some high-profile attention for something positive. And if it means some of those liberal activist friends will come freakin’ visit me, all the better. 🙂

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