AT&T Wireless iPhone vs. Verizon Wireless iPhone

The iPhone feud between AT&T and Verizon continues to heat up. AT&T is in a fairly good spot, having locked tons of customers into two-year contracts in the last several months, but they’re not ignoring the threat that a Verizon iPhone brings… Check out this email I received from AT&T Wireless on Tuesday night:

From: AT&T (
Subject: Feel free to make a call while reading this email.

I have to admit, the ability to talk and surf the web at the same time is something I’ve gotten very accustomed to — one of the reasons I said a few weeks ago that I would not be switching to a Verizon iPhone. And it seems I’m not alone — just the day before this email arrived, I saw the following status update on a friend’s Facebook page:

likes the Verizon iPhone… but hates choosing between data (for Facebook and Pandora) or making phone calls. Good thing the AT&T iPhone 4 is active still.

Still, AT&T must be at least a little nervous, or they wouldn’t bother contacting existing iPhone customers and reinforcing the “Isn’t our better functionality GREAT?!” comparison… And the random, unprompted 25%-off coupon for accessories was a bizarre touch.

If AT&T is so worried about losing market share, they should focus on improving their wireless signal in major metropolitan areas before the rash of contract expirations this summer and especially next summer. By the time all those early-upgrade-with-new-contract deals run out, Verizon may have added the ability to talk and use wireless data at the same time… and then AT&T will really be in trouble, unless their service is more competitive.

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