Free Facebook on February flights!

Attention air travelers! If you’re planning on flying somewhere in the month of February, there’s a good chance you may be able to enjoy Facebook access for free on your laptop or smartphone.

Thanks to the fine people at Gogo Inflight Internet — who have given me quite a few blissful hours of chatting, reading the news, and yes, browsing Facebook — flights on several major U.S. carriers will be letting people use Facebook without paying the normal access charge.

Gogo’s normal access charges can range from as little as $4.95 to as much as $12.95 per flight, depending on whether you use a laptop or smartphone and how long your flight is scheduled to last. Until you pay that fee, you’re usually restricted to very few options: Gogo’s website, and the airline website for the flight on which you’re traveling. Great for checking flight status mid-air, but that’s about it.

According to a Newser article posted earlier this week, if you’re traveling on a flight with Gogo Inflight Internet service during the month of February, that list of free accessible websites will include Facebook. No charge, no strings, just free access once you click on the Ford/Facebook banner advertising the promotion.

Pretty clever marketing, when you think about it… Once you’ve experienced the joys of mid-air Internet service, you find yourself chafing at the lack of it on future flights. Even if you’re simply killing time reading junk online or chatting about absolutely nothing with digital acquaintances, there’s something incredibly freeing about being able to do so. And it definitely gets its hooks in you.

Well done, Gogo. You will likely be getting quite a few travelers hooked on your service through this tantalizing offer. You win this round, pusher!

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