By now you’ve probably heard/read about the new addition to our household… What you may NOT have heard is the bizarre tale of how she joined us.

I swear it was fate.

Sunday morning we were watching television and I gushed over how beautiful a German Shepherd was onscreen. Fast forward a few hours, and we’re coming home from having lunch at the U.S. National Whitewater Center, talking about how great it would be to have a second dog, so Puck would have a little brother or sister….

…and we see a car stopped in an intersection, with its driver standing helplessly as a tiny, dirty puppy tries desperately to climb up his leg.

We have a quick conversation with him and discover that this guy discovered the puppy trying to climb under his wheels, and was trying to figure out what to do with her. We helpfully offered to take the lil’ girl to the animal control shelter.

When he handed her over to me, she nuzzled up against my neck and started to lick my chin. She never made it to the shelter… Which was probably a foregone conclusion, since we had a name for her within about thirty minutes of finding her. readers, meet Nala.

She’s probably a shepherd mutt, according to the vet. We’ll have a better idea of her breed in another month or two, as well as how big she’s likely to grow. She’s probably about 8-10 weeks old right now, so it’s just too soon to draw too many conclusions.

And yes, Nala is fitting in nicely. She adores Puck already — maybe a little too much, as her youthful energy has actually seemed to calm Puck down a little. She loves to crawl up on people’s laps, and is slowly getting better about not trying to chew on people’s hands and faces.

Of course, I adore her senselessly.

4 Responses to Nala

  1. Austin says:

    You can usually get a good idea of how big they’ll be by looking at the paws. She’ll grow into them, so if they’re a disproportionately good size now, get ready….

    Anyway, good find, she’s super cute!!

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