Green River Revival

My love for the Whitewater Center is no secret… My eagerness for the first rafting weekend of the year has been public record. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that there’s even MORE reason to be excited about opening weekend…

The water’s turning green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

From the U.S. National Whitewater Center’s website:

The USNWC will “Go Green” on Saturday, March 12 as we turn our whitewater river green. With a full day of festivities planned, you won’t want to miss out on seeing the ONLY whitewater river in the world dyed green in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day.

We’ll kick off the Green River Revival celebration at 11 a.m. when we turn the world’s largest man-made whitewater river shamrock green. Additional festivities will include, live music by the Mike Strauss Band, a 1 Mile Walk/Jog and a POWERBALL Race.

So… Who’s coming with me?

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  1. […] guess the cold water really scared a lot of potential rafters away, though the live music and other Green River Revival activities apparently were quite the […]

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