The King’s Speech (Oscar Best Picture Nominee #5)

Another in my Academy Award “Best Picture” nominee reviews, today I’ll tell you about the historical drama The King’s Speech, starring Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, and Helena Bonham Carter.

It was a great film, definitely worthy of its Best Picture nomination.

Firth stars as King George IV of England, struggling to help unify the nation during Hitler’s ascension to power in Germany, while fighting to overcome a speech impediment that humiliates him every time he speaks to the public. Bonham Carter plays a young Queen Elizabeth, trying to support her husband by hiring the services of a speech therapist played by Rush.

All three actors were nominated for their performance: Firth as a leading role, and Bonham Carter and Rush as supporting roles. All three would be well deserved winners, should the Academy choose them.

The movie itself is at turns funny, dramatic, and even inspiring. It’s an interesting story, sometimes captivating, almost always engaging. But as with The Fighter, the individual performances themselves were ultimately more powerful than the story itself. Perhaps because both films are historical pieces, there’s perhaps less intensity to your anticipation, as you have a pretty good idea how things will turn out in the end (even if you’re not completely familiar with the story.)

Having said that, it’s still a great movie. I’d put The King’s Speech above many of its competitors for Best Picture, as it was enjoyable throughout with quite a few terrific moments. (And that’s putting aside the great performances by Firth, Bonham Carter, and Rush.) It may not be as innovative as Inception or as mesmerizing as Black Swan, but it’s still a damned fine film.

You’re probably too late to catch The King’s Speech in theaters, but if you didn’t see it when you had the chance, make up for it when it comes out on DVD or instant play. You’ll be glad you did.

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