Winter’s Bone (Oscar Best Picture Nominee #10)

In the last few days leading up to this Sunday’s Academy Awards, I’ve been trying like mad to see and review each of the ten nominees for “Best Motion Picture of the Year” before Oscar night. One of them, Winter’s Bone, had come and gone in theaters without me ever having heard of it… But fortunately, I was able to rent it for a quiet evening on the couch before the awards show.

I want my $4.99 back.

I’m honestly surprised that this made it to the Academy’s top ten list of movies in 2010. Sure, it was a gritty subject matter — teenage girl decides to track down her meth-cookin’ father before his failure to appear in court gets the family kicked off their land — but it just wasn’t a very interesting movie.

There’s not one performance that was extraordinary, though many were good. Even the young lead did a good job, but wasn’t particularly captivating or even memorable.

This really sums up everything about the movie. It was just… good. Not great. Just good. Fine, even. A decent way to kill an hour and forty minutes.

At first I was shocked to discover that the movie earned 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, meaning 95% of critics surveyed enjoyed the movie, and that 74% of audience members who registered their rating liked the film also. But then I realized… My only real complaint about this movie is that it didn’t blow me away.

Maybe this is the problem with a set list of films that you expect to be outstanding, and that you watch (and review) with a goal of evaluating which of these cinematic masterpieces was the most incredible. There’s nothing really WRONG with this movie, and there’s plenty that was good about it… It just didn’t astound me.

Definitely don’t stress about hurrying to watch this like I did. It’s not worth the effort. Sure, it’s a good movie, and you’ll probably find it to be entertaining if you wait ’til the end, but there are too many other incredible movies out there right now to settle for mediocrity. Chances are, you’re better off skipping it, at least until it’s free.

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