Belize contest

Okay readers, normally I don’t do this sort of thing… but I’m asking for your help on behalf of a friend of mine. No, it’s not a quest to cure cancer or give a dying child his/her last wish, it’s a contest for a free trip to Belize for my friend and her mom.

Stay with me here — you can help in just a few seconds.

Coco Beach Resort Belize (not to be confused with my hometown of Cocoa Beach, Florida) has a brilliant contest right now, where people post photos of the resort on the resort’s Facebook page, and whoever gets the most “likes” on their photo wins a free trip for two back to the resort.

What’s so clever about the contest is that you have to “like” the resort on Facebook first, in order to “like” the photo. So now, hundreds (thousands?) of people are “liking” a resort they’ve never been to, in an attempt to help out their friends who are in the contest. Talk about a GENIUS marketing campaign!

So here’s how you can help, in two easy steps:

  1. Log in to Facebook, and visit the Coco Beach Resort Belize page on Facebook.  LIKE the resort.
  2. After you have “liked” the resort, go to my friend Suzi’s photo and LIKE the photo.

That’s it!  “Like” the resort and then “like” the photo (links above) and you can help Suzi win the contest.  Right now she’s in second place, but if my readers jump in to help, that may push her over the edge.

For the record, this is the same Suzi that coordinated Sal’s birthday gift last year (a very expensive bicycle, with quite a few friends chipping in to help him with the purchase) and also coordinated my birthday/Christmas gift of Raft Guide School at the Whitewater Center… She’s always quick to help her friends, and isn’t afraid to marshall the troops to pitch in, so it would be great if we could return the favor.

Thanks for your help   🙂

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