Family of four

Loyal readers have probably noticed that it’s been awhile since I’ve posted a blog of any personal significance… Truth is, it’s been a busy couple of weeks, trying to incorporate the newest addition to our family. Yes, little Baby Nala is taking up quite a bit of our time!

I swear, if taking care of a puppy is this much work, I’m terrified at the prospect of one day being a parent to a newborn.

Yes, she’s adorable. Yes, she’s funny. And yes, she has to pee nearly every waking hour! I’ve been working from home almost exclusively since I got her, which has helped (because I usually take her outside every hour right before a new conference call begins.) But LAWD HEPP ME, I can’t wait ’til she’s properly potty trained!

To answer the question many friends have posed: Puck is still not quite sure what to do with her. Nala is about a third of his size (but growing unbelievably quickly!) but that doesn’t stop her from chasing him around the house, biting at any part of him she can reach (yes, she’s teething, so she chews on damned near anything she can find) and standing up on her hind legs to claw at him. (Boxer mix, perhaps?)

Having been an “only child” for years now, Puck is enjoying the chance to play. He chases her around the house, then lets her chase him, and they wrestle around and nip at each other. It’s heartwarming to see them together, most of the time — except when Nala gets a little too rough and Puck loses his cool. THAT’S downright terrifying, but fortunately there haven’t been any mauling incidents yet. What few true scuffles they’ve gotten into have stopped immediately when he fights back too hard, and runs off to his kennel ashamed of himself.

It’s an interesting change for us — when we rescued Puck from Animal Control, he was already nearly a near old, and we really don’t know what the first 10 or so months of his life were like. Some of the things that scare him or get him defensive are mysterious to us — we don’t know if he was abused, or suffered some trauma, or was trained as a puppy in some way… We just work with the cards we’ve been dealt. With Nala, though, we’ve had her since she was barely old enough to be apart from her mother, so if she ends up screwed up in the end, it’s all our fault.

Like I said, if this is how much work and stress goes into raising a puppy, I can’t imagine what my friends who have newborns are dealing with. But hey, at least Sal and I don’t have to pay for Nala’s college tuition or bail her out of jail.

One Response to Family of four

  1. Aby says:

    I feel you! Randy and I feel like we have a baby in the house with our new addition of Lola. She is always on the go and has some serious psycho puppy moments! Good luck and we can’t wait to meet her.

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