Lazy days

My friend Thijson came up to visit from Florida last weekend, and we had it all planned out… We were going to go whitewater rafting at the U.S. National Whitewater Center both days, probably do some kayaking, and in general enjoy the gorgeous Spring weather that I’d been savoring here in Charlotte. Then he got here, and within a day the sunny skies and warm weather had been replaced by nearly nonstop rain and temperatures maxing out in the mid-to-low 40s.

Ain’t that always the way? But fortunately, we managed to make a hell of a weekend out of it anyway.

Seeing that our rafting hopes were about to be dashed, I left work for a few hours Friday afternoon to take advantage of a 3:00 raft with good weather. We frantically raced over the the USNWC and hopped in a raft, had a great session, got a bite to eat at the River’s Edge, and trekked back home. I had to spend a few hours midday on Saturday catching up on work, but boy it was worth it.

The rest of the weekend was spent being as lazy as possible. We played video games, watched television (hooray for an Archer marathon!), watched a movie or two from the couch, and in general just loafed about. (The bottle of Crown Royal Select that Sal had previously acquired as a birthday present helped.) We did begrudgingly leave the house Saturday night for a Beatles cabaret that Sal was performing in, but that’s about it.

Sunday, Thijson and I didn’t leave the house at all. Sal went on an emergency provision run in the morning (you can’t have Redneck Brunch without Bojangles, now can you?) but otherwise we barely moved. It was pure sloth, and deliciously so. We sat, we watched, we chatted, we laughed. It was such a perfect example of how sometimes, you spend time with close friends doing absolutely nothing, but having the right company with you makes all the difference.

And the kicker? I’m about to do it again, only this time back home in Florida. That’s right, Space Coast peeps — I’ll be in town Wednesday afternoon through Saturday afternoon. If you’ve got a couch and a fridge, give me a call, ’cause I’ve got some serious lounging to do.

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