April Fool’s Shenanigans

Friday being the first day of April, I decided to have myself a little fun on Facebook. With a couple of mischievous status updates, I managed to have a few chuckles and also learn a lot about many of my friends.

I started by posting this:

Gave my two weeks’ notice at Bank of America today… Giving serious thought to packing up and moving back to Florida. SIGH.

Responses ranged from shock, to outrage and incredulity, to excitement, and of course amusement from those who got the joke. Some people were appalled at the idea, others congratulated me on breaking free, others were sad that I might leave Charlotte or happy that I might return to Central Florida.

A few people caught on and posted a comment busting me for my April Fool’s Day joke, which I had to quickly delete, lest the fun be ruined for those who hadn’t yet seen the post. I then continued the madness a few hours later:

I’ve decided to follow up today’s resignation from Bank of America with an application for the religious studies program at Florida State University, and will henceforth be known as SeminoleUptown. Oh, and I’m applying for a part time job at Wells Fargo, too.

This one got through most people’s B-S filter pretty quickly, and lots of people called shenanigans on me for it. But I bravely marched onward, and shortly before midnight posted this all-or-nothing gem:

Decided to keep going with the major life changes. In addition to quitting my job, enrolling at FSU and becoming “SeminoleUptown”, and getting a part time job at Wells Fargo, I will also become a minister and marry a woman, with whom I plan to have several babies and raise them all socialist. That ought to do the trick.

I’m pretty sure EVERYONE who read that one knew I must have been full of it.

What really surprised me was who some of the respondents were throughout the day. We all have Facebook friends that are really just acquaintances whom we met once in person, connected online, and never actually ran into again in “real life.” And we have those real-life friends from way-back-when whom we haven’t seen in ages, but we keep tabs on through social media. Seeing responses from these people, by comments and emails and txt msgs, was surprisingly heartwarming.

But regardless, to set the record straight: I’m still happily employed at Bank of America, still living in Charlotte, still proud to be a Gator, still unaffiliated with any major religion, and still proud to be in a loving gay relationship.

However, I haven’t ruled out the idea of spending a few months in Florida… But that’s a whole different topic.

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