Canine Updates

I realize I haven’t shared much of an update about the newest addition to our family lately, other than to lament that she’s expensive and to share my shock at her broken cheekbone. So for those readers that are far from Charlotte, or just haven’t been by our place lately, I thought I’d quickly write an update for you.

Nala is growing up quickly, having literally more than DOUBLED in size since we found her on the side of the road over the President’s Day holiday weekend. Her broken cheekbone seems to be healing quite nicely, and you’d never even notice the little bump on her face unless you knew to look for it (and even then, you have to catch her at the right angle to see it.) She’s a happy, healthy little girl. And yes, we’re working on not letting her get away with doggie no-nos just because she’s adorable and small.

Spoiled Rotten

Puck is adjusting pretty well, all things considered. These two play almost nonstop when they’re awake, which is heartwarming to see. She’ll pick up a stuffed toy and strut around the living room, which immediately prompts him to leap to his feet and follow her around. This inevitably results in them power-walking laps around the couch and coffee table, literally walking in circles for what can seem to stretch out forever until I irritably stop them.

They also wrestle around together seemingly constantly. Almost always, it’s Nala instigating it – she loves nothing more than to stand up on her hind legs and punch him with her front paws, or try to climb up on top of him while playfully biting at his neck. She’s grown to be about half his size right now… I can’t WAIT to see how the power dynamic works when she’s as big as Puck, or perhaps even bigger than him!

The absolute cutest, though, is when they’re playing with chewtoys together. Puck has always been a fan of tug of war – I’ve often warned guests that if they play tug of war with his big chewy blue toy, he will never leave them alone. Well now, the two of them will each grab a side of a toy and try to yank it out of the other’s grip. It takes me out of the equation entirely, and lets me sit back and laugh at how ridiculous they are together.

All things together, they’re a cute pair of dogs, and they seem to enjoy each other’s company. It’s good for Puck to be more socialized with other animals (so perhaps he’ll quit being such a PUNK when he’s around other dogs!) and it’s good for Nala to grow up learning how to play well with others.

So there’s your update, out-of-town or absentee friends. Now, hurry up and come visit.

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