Broadway Mania

It’s been a few months since I traveled to New York City, which means I’m due for a visit. And with the new season of Broadway shows finishing previews, the time is right.

Brace yourself… We’ve got another whirlwind trip ahead of us, with back to back shows from the 22nd – 24th next weekend.

We start off Friday night with the new show “Catch Me If You Can” starring Adam Tveit (from the original cast of “Next to Normal”) and Norbert Leo Butz. I enjoyed both the novel and the movie, and I like these two lead actors, so I’m cautiously optimistic.

Saturday afternoon, we’re seeing “The Divine Sister” starring Charles Busch, of “Die, Mommie Die” and “Psycho Beach Party” fame. Sal nearly lost his mind when he found out this limited engagement would be onstage while we’re in town, and as luck would happen there was a Groupon for tickets. Hooray!

A few hours later, we’re off to see “Sister Act” with Patina Miller. This is one I’ve been excited about for a LONG time — I’d even considered a trip to London to see it there, which apparently is a surefire way to make a show come to Broadway. (See: Equus, Billy Elliot, and Mary Poppins.)

Then Sunday afternoon we’re wrapping up our Broadway tour with “The Book of Mormon” from South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. There’s not a single big-name Broadway performer in the cast, at least no-one whose name I recognize, but c’mon… Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Really, need I say more?

Before, between, and after these four shows (in three days!) we will be doing our best to spend quality time with our friends in the Big Apple. And we’ve already roped a few friends into some of these shows with us, just to be on the safe side.

So c’mon New Yorkers! Join in on the Broadway madness.

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