Canopy Tour

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about two exciting new activities at the U.S. National Whitewater Center: the Canyon Crossing and Stand-Up Paddle Boarding. Now, they have a brand new activity that seems destined to blow both of those previous additions away: the Canopy Tour.

Check out this video:

From the USNWC page announcing the Canopy Tour:

The Canopy Tour is the newest way to experience the USNWC. Rediscover the outdoors as you explore the woodlands along the Catawba River and portions of the Historic Tuckaseegee Ford and Trail. Participants are guided through the tree canopy traveling from platform to platform on a series of zips, sky bridges, rappels and other high adventure challenges.

The tour reaches heights in excess of 60 feet in the hardwood trees that lace a 90 foot deep canyon before working its way through a wetlands delta and then proceeding along the banks of the Catawba River. Along the 3-4 hour tour, your guides will highlight the unique natural elements of our environment as well as the historical significance of the area.

It certainly SOUNDS great… and at 3-4 hours, it’s sure to be a big deal. But at $89 per person, that’s pretty steep… especially when that price is half the cost of an AllSport Season Pass that gets you a ton of other activities, unlimited, for the calendar year.

Still, it’s tempting… For a Whitewater Center enthusiast, jumping in on the new activity is tantalizing. Kind of like an Apple junkie who doesn’t own an iPad, y’know?

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