New York governor pushing to legalize same-sex marriage

On a day that I board a plane to go visit New York with my partner, I see this headline: “Popular Gov. Andrew Cuomo Launches Campaign To Legalize Gay Marriage In New York.”

New York, you are doing your damnedest to tempt me into throwing caution to the wind and moving there, aren’t you?

My love for New York City is certainly no secret, as is my sadness around my partner moving back there in a few months (with or without me.) So imagine my delight when learning that Governor Andrew Cuomo, flush with popularity and having recently accomplished a legislative near-miracle with the state budget, is continuing his push to make same-sex marriage legal in New York state.

Cuomo’s predecessor, Gov. David Patterson, had sought to legalize same-sex marriage and saw the bill pass in the state Assembly, then fail in the Republican-controlled state Senate. Now, Patterson’s successor is focused on finishing the job.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone; Governor Cuomo has been very upfront about his ambitions to legalize same-sex marriage in New York. In his first “State of the State” speech, the governor said, “We believe in justice for all, then let’s pass marriage equality this year once and for all.” And recently, the governor’s spokesperson added, “This is an important issue for the administration, and the governor is committed to working with New Yorkers to get the marriage equality legislation passed.”

This time, Cuomo is working to proceed with a united front that may have been lacking in previous attempts. As reported by Huffington Post:

“The last time around there were miscalculations, miscues among the advocates and with the legislative leadership that really doomed the effort,” said Socarides. “No one was really responsible, no one knew who was responsible for what and the whip counts (of legislators) were not good. Gov. Patterson’s role was unclear at best. You had a ship without a captain.”

Socarides said the governor has issued marching orders to the groups that they must cooperate with each other or face defeat again. “He brought the Jets and Sharks together,” he said, referring to the rival gangs from the Broadway musical West Side Story.

The new umbrella group, New Yorkers United for Marriage, includes Washington’s Human Rights Campaign and three state-based groups: Empire State Pride Agenda, Freedom to Marry and Marriage Equality New York. Those groups have clashed in the past, but now, with a popular governor championing their cause, they seem determined to put their differences aside to achieve their goal.

Fingers crossed, New York… You may just be giving me the final push I need to get off my ass and finally move to New York City.

2 Responses to New York governor pushing to legalize same-sex marriage

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