AIDS Walk Charlotte results

I posted a week ago about my decision to finally, for the first time, actively participate in AIDS Walk Charlotte… Against all odds, I actually showed up this morning and walked the two miles with my team. But even more shocking was the generous financial support of friends and teammates around the world.

I am SO happy to tell you about our results.

In one week, I helped raise $675 through appeals to a small number of colleagues. Even though this is a Charlotte-based organization, even teammates as far as Delaware and Texas chipped in to support the work that the Regional AIDS Interfaith Network (RAIN) does for people affected by HIV and AIDS in this community.

What’s even more awesome about that total is that with the exception of one colleague who technically works for another company that supports my employer, this will be matched dollar-for-dollar by my company’s Matching Gifts program. That means that $675 + $650 = $1,325 will go to RAIN in total, when all of the matching gifts are processed.

One week of support from ten generous colleagues brought in the $675 haul under my name, but that is far from all that we accomplished. 33 teammates raising funds over the last few months under our company’s name brought in an incredible $13,315 even before Matching Gifts have been registered. We were the top fundraising team by about $1,500, and the fundraising specifically under my name put me in 4th place on the team.

As of right now, the 2011 AIDS Walk Charlotte webpage is showing almost $115,000 raised, and that’s almost certainly not counting the donations made onsite this morning. This event really is going to make an incredible difference in the lives of many, many people in the Charlotte area.

To those ten colleagues that donated under my name, I thank you so very much for the incredible financial support that you provided. To the dozens of associates and their families and friends who showed up at the event this morning, I was incredibly proud to walk with you today.

And now, I need a nap. Two miles is FAR, you know.

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