Neighborly bliss

Yesterday really emphasized to me just how profoundly important it is to have good neighbors… And what a difference they can make on your quality of life.

Our next door neighbors were throwing a little party out back behind their home, in the garage and overflowing out into the back parking lot. Margaritas and sangria were prepared, chips and dip set out, and a small number of neighbors and friends appeared and made merry together.

There’s something undeniably awesome about having people living above you and next door with whom you feel comfortable and safe. It’s hard to put into words how rewarding it is, knowing that these are people you can relax and be yourself around, trust in your home (even when you’re not there) and rely on when you need someone, and generally will be happy to see any time your paths cross.

It helps if they throw good parties and make good margaritas, too.

We had a bit of drinky drink, some snacky snack, and made some new friends, then packed an overnight bag and tossed the dogs into the car for a sleepover at other friends’ home about 45 minutes away. Upon arrival we enjoyed a tour of their beautiful home, had a phenomenal meal, and caught up with each other over beer and homemade infused vodka.

And then THEIR next-door neighbors came over, and we again witnessed the power that wonderful neighbors can have. The three couples had drinks, got to know each other, and even busted out the ol’ Catch Phrase. It was comfortable, easygoing, and without pretense. The night was full of laughter and hugs.

One of them made the remark that living next to each other was what made their home life good here, and it struck me… If I didn’t have the neighbors I do, I don’t think I’d still be living where I do. Knowing how badly “underwater” I am on the market value home, I would be a miserable resident if I didn’t have delightful people living above and next to me.

So if you’re reading this, dear friends on the other side of the wall, thank you. Thank you for always being there with a friendly word. Thank you for stopping over to say hello, for no reason other than to be neighborly. Thank you – a thousand times – for taking care of the dog(s) when we’re off on a weekend adventure.

Thank you for helping to make our condo feel like home.

One Response to Neighborly bliss

  1. Dar says:

    You are lucky. We’ve been in this duplex for over a year and there is only one neighbor who speaks to us and passes the time of day. Our home before that was a street full of friendly neighbors we grew to know and love. I miss that feeling.

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