In a very short time frame, I’ve gone from raging against “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” to wearily wondering when the remaining conservative hold-outs will just accept the inevitable: same-sex marriage (or an equivalent in all but name) is GOING to be legal, throughout the United States of America, and soon. Progressives used to wistfully speak of things being done “in their lifetime” — now, I’m thinking more like “in this decade.”

And even that is starting to seem pessimistic in its lengthy duration.

With the repeal legislation of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” marching its way towards certification and the official end of the military policy against gays and lesbians in the U.S. military, ongoing developments legalizing same-sex unions like the civil union law just passed in Delaware and some (but not all) legal rights in Colorado, and a well organized same-sex marriage push in the state of New York, I find myself wondering how anyone in their right mind can truly believe that this country will continue discriminatory laws against lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender (LGBT) people indefinitely.

Face facts, religious/conservative bigots: your anti-LGBT views are quickly working their way into the same category as racial views in this country… Still present, lingering on through generational teachings of prejudice and hatred, but relegated to a distasteful minority of ignorance.

The battle for same-sex marriage in New York state is a prime example. The governor has build a coalition with broad and diverse support to make same-sex marriage legal in his state, and is enjoying favorable press reviews with lots and lots of celebrity endorsements. Everyone from actors to the Clintons to hockey players to the NY League of Women Voters to CEOs of giant companies to religious leaders to wealthy Republican donors is signing on to the New Yorkers for Marriage Equality coalition.

Ask yourself: when a political stance — in this case, opposing legal recognition to same-sex couples because you have a personal beef with homosexuality — finds itself fighting a growing coalition that includes representatives from your two largest like-minded bases — in this case, religious people threatening eternal damnation to opponents and conservative people willing to write a big check for your cause — where do you go from here?

Into the history books, that’s where.

Seriously, your days are numbered, and you’re starting to look more and more like the ignorant wretches who desperately clung to outdated prejudicial views against black people against a rising tide of progressive equality.

So how ’bout you get the hell out of my way, keep your small-minded brainwashed bigotry under your breath and behind closed doors where it belongs, and let me start planning my bachelor party and my honeymoon. (Clearly I can’t consider marriage until I have the surrounding parties nailed down, right?)

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