Raft Guide School, revisited

Several weeks ago, I proclaimed with joy that I would be attending Raft Guide School the week of Memorial Day. It turns out, there’s been a slight change of plans.

Originally I had planned on taking a “staycation” that week, using vacation days Tuesday – Friday to make a full week off (including the holiday on Monday.) Since Sal was off of work already, we were going to use that time together to attend the final Raft Guide School of the season.

Some major upcoming life changes made us second-guess that plan. Sal is definitely moving to NYC sometime this Summer (early Fall at the latest) and I’m hoping to be able to move there with him. That makes burning through four vacation days less appealing. I may need those vacation days for my hypothetical move, after all. (And Sal may need those days to look for a Summer job to replace his current one, since his contract ends June 30th.)

However, I’ve been excited about the opportunity to attend Raft Guide School (purely for the fun and adventure of it all, not for a career change) for the better part of a year now. Several raft guides have encouraged me to attend, and if I don’t do it now, I may never be able to. (Or at least, not until next Spring, when I may or may not be living in Charlotte.)

I’ve teetered on the brink of a couple of different options, but today I worked up the courage to pull the trigger. I registered for the final weekend raft guide school of the season instead, which has me in training the next three weekends and doesn’t require using up any vacation time. (Unfortunately, Sal won’t be able to join me, as he has a traveling commitment with his job.)

I may not ever actually USE my raft guide certification (assuming I even demonstrate the skill required to earn it.) But I sure as hell don’t want to look back and regret never trying. And when a raft guide pointed out that, employed or not, as a certified USNWC raft guide I’m allowed to take a raft out with friends (buy an AllSport Season pass!) whenever there’s an empty boat available, I had the final burst of excitement I needed to sign up.

So now the question becomes… Who wants to join me in three weekends of 9:00-6:00 fun and adventure? Who’s going to sign up for Raft Guide School with me?

C’mon, my crazy rafting friends… Who’s ready to take this to the next level?


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