Memorial Day Celebration in absentia

For WEEKS you couldn’t get me to shut up about the Memorial Day Celebration that was coming up, as I was so excited… Live bands, fireworks, and food/drink at one of my favorite recreational spots (let’s face it, my ONLY recreational spot…) But then the day came, and I didn’t make it all the way through. I heard one or two bands but shortly before 7:30 (the headlining band!) I left.

I missed the band many of my friends at the Center had been excited about, and I missed the 9:00pm fireworks. Fortunately, there’s a time-lapse YouTube video showing a bit of what I missed.

Looks like a blast! I’m sad to have missed it, but after a full day of Guide School, I just didn’t have it in me to wait much longer. Still, the couple of hours we spent sipping beer and resting along the banks was fun. I found myself staring down at raft guides, observing their technique, watching how they lined themselves up on the Competition Channel, and resisting the urge to jump up and shout instructions at people who fell out of the boat.

Naturally there was a full-on flip while we watched, a couple of “dump trucks” (where the raft tips over partially and unloads all the passengers, but then rights itself) and even a couple of drunk morons sliding into the water by the stage. (One of those drunk morons ended up sailing down Big Drop with no rafting gear on at all, clinging desperately to a raft… I almost wish he’d hit a rock to teach him a lesson. Almost.)

And of course, that was the day that we practiced throwing rope bags to rescue swimmers. I haven’t yet gotten myself a rope bag, but I found myself wishing I had one a couple of times. I didn’t have any gear (helmet, PFD, etc) so I wouldn’t have dared anyway… And the beer in my other hand probably wouldn’t have been comforting to someone being roped in by me… But I found myself itching to do something.

I think I’m gonna enjoy this. Let’s just hope I manage to get myself certified at the end of the class!

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  1. […] I’ve heard about the big 4th of July festival at the Whitewater Center each year, but I’ve never actually attended… This year will be the first, I suspect, judging from the great time that I had at the Memorial Day Celebration. […]

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