Moving On

It’s official: after over two years, I’m leaving my job in the mortgage processing group and getting back onto what I consider to be my career path.

When people ask me what kind of work I really enjoy, I tell them it’s the “touchy-feely, warm hug, don’t you love your job, let’s help you do it better, and let’s find you that promotion you’ve been wanting” kind of stuff. I love work that makes an impact in other people’s careers, helps them be happier and more successful, and sets them up for a long and satisfied career.

That may sound strange coming some a cynical, sarcastic sumbitch like me, but there you have it.

I’ve been fortunate these past two years to have a manager that supports me, and who I enjoy working with. My teammates, too, are great people and I hope to keep in touch with them. They really are good people and good friends.

My problem is just that my day-to-day responsibilities have shifted over the last two years, edging farther and farther away from the kind of work I really enjoy. And frankly, I feel like I’ve lost my passion for the work, and I’ve stopped learning anything of consequence while doing the job.

It’s definitely time to move on, and early conversations with my new boss make me think I’m going to be very happy working with her. She seems to be smart, funny, experienced, and very supportive. I think I’m going to learn a LOT from her.

Other good news: she’s already given me the thumbs up to continue my advocacy work for LGBT issues in the workplace, and for my plan to eventually move to NYC. Things seem to be shaping up nicely all around.

I start in two weeks. Let’s celebrate a little next time we meet, m’kay?

2 Responses to Moving On

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