Possible relocation

A couple of days ago, I broke the news that I had accepted a new position at my company. Buried in there was a line about still wanting to move to New York City, but I wanted to be a bit more explicit: I’m actively working towards a move to NYC by the end of the Summer.

And this time, I mean it. I think.

I’ve been plotting a move to New York City almost from the day that I first settled in to Charlotte. Year after year, I proclaim that this is the year that it will finally happen… and then I sheepishly admit that it isn’t going to happen. (I believe the most recent occurrence of this was in November of 2008, when I forecasted that it would be at least 2010 before I could finally follow through… Oops!)

Frankly, it’s not that surprising that I haven’t been able to move. Beyond the obvious fact that New York City is an incredibly expensive place to live, I already have two mortgaged rental properties (one in New Mexico, one in Charlotte) that I struggle to keep rented. (And even when they ARE rented, they barely break even.) Adding a third one — my current home in Charlotte — to the mix is just a scary prospect, period.

But you know what? It’s never going to get easier. I’ve been chafing to move to NYC for years and years, and I don’t want to continue putting it off. Before you know it, I’ll be looking to RETIRE there.

Besides, Sal’s decision that he is moving back to NYC (with or without me) definitely adds motivation to take the plunge. And with this new job, I have the flexibility to work in either Charlotte or New York City… So I’ve decided to make a really concerted effort to make this happen.

My proposed move will require a 3-step process:

  1. Find a job that will allow me to work in New York City, either from home or from a company building in Manhattan
  2. Find someone to rent my current home in Charlotte, since there’s no way I’m going to be able to sell it and walk away
  3. Find an apartment in NYC where my contribution to the rent will be less than or equal to the amount I collect in rent from my current home

Step 1 is complete… I guess that means I need to start looking for a tenant here in Charlotte.

Anybody want to rent a spacious 2-bedroom (sort of) 2-bath condo in Center City Charlotte, with a great balcony that faces the skyline?

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