New York tries again!

I shared earlier this month that my new job will allow me to FINALLY move to New York City at the end of the Summer. It seems the Governor is hard at work on something that may push me to follow through.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo formally proposed the Marriage Equality Act yesterday, which will grant same-sex couples the ability to marry one another and enjoy the legal rights their opposite-sex-couple neighbors already enjoy.

This is hardly a surprise — the governor has been very vocal about his belief that same-sex couples should have equal opportunity to marry in New York. Of course, it’s not his decision alone, so all eyes are on the state legislature now.

Things are apparently off to a good start in the state House: Rep. Daniel O’Donnell announced that he introduced it in the House with 67 sponsors, which he called “an unprecedented number of sponsors for a bill.” The real test will be in the state Senate, where a similar bill failed in 2009.

It does look like proponents for marriage equality may have a shot at success this time, thanks in part to a more cohesive public relations campaign by the various lobbying groups and civil rights organizations. It also helps that national sentiment is shifting on same-sex marriage also — over time, more and more people are able to move past their preconceived notions about same-sex couples, and they are coming to realize that a gay or lesbian couple being legally able to marry isn’t going to negatively impact their straight neighbors one bit.

Naturally, you can expect to see updates here on if you’re not following more reputable news sources.

2 Responses to New York tries again!

  1. Rebecca says:

    I wish your blog had a ‘like’ button.

    xoxo my love!

  2. […] been resisting writing anything further about the effort to legalize same-sex marriage in New York until the matter was resolved, to avoid countless (pointless) updates on the subject. Now I can […]

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