Awesome neighbors

I don’t say it enough — my neighbors are absolutely wonderful. We’ve been away from home for long stretches of time over the past month, and they’ve been so helpful with keeping the dogs walked, fed, and entertained.

And that’s just the most recent example of the many ways in which they are awesome.

My neighbors — Ben and Ashley above us, and Shane and Jen next door — have been the absolute best neighbors I’ve ever had. They’ve invited us to their home, joined us at theirs, attended Sal’s theatrical or musical events and my bank events, and in general have been some of the warmest, friendliest, most supportive people I’ve ever had the privilege to live next to.

I have been so grateful to have these phenomenal friends near me. I can never thank them enough for being such an important part of my life. Truly, my absolute biggest regret about moving to New York City in the Fall is that these people will not be a few feet away from my front door.

Sappy moment = done.

One Response to Awesome neighbors

  1. […] is by far the fastest tow service I’ve ever received. My neighbors Shane and Jen, continuing their ongoing quest to land a spot in the Neighbor Hall of Fame, zipped over right away to give us a lift […]

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