Bill Maher vs. Sexists

Bill Maher is certainly not afraid to voice his distaste for public figures with whom he disagrees, and recent criticism against Maher for allegedly being sexist has pushed him to respond. Here’s a video clip from a segment in which he takes on the subject of sexist views directly:

You’ve probably guessed that I tend to like what Bill Maher has to say, more often than not (but not always.) So it’s probably no surprise to you that I enjoyed this clip, it touches on some of my favorite topics:

  • Politicians with crazy views (though of course I tend to focus on the crazy conservatives more than the crazy liberals, due to my own bias)
  • Discrimination against people for their own inherent traits (in this case, sexism against women)
  • The negative effect that religion CAN (but does not necessarily NEED TO) have on some groups of people and on society at large

Kudos for pointing out the difference between genuine political and/or philosophical disagreement and prejudiced views against any specific minority group. I have the same beef with liberals who assume that anyone who dislikes President Obama must not like black people (and, similarly, conservatives’ claim that people who don’t like Herman Cain must also be racist.)

And of course, HUGE fan of pointing out Michele Bachmann’s stunning proclamation that the Bible commands wives to be submissive to their husbands, and that she therefore obeyed her husband’s “command” to become a tax lawyer. What freakin’ century are we in?!

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