Condo Showings

My planned move to New York City at the end of the summer is starting to feel very REAL all of a sudden. Starting today, I’ve got four days of showing my condo to people who may end up renting it from me, which is one of the last major hurdles before we pack up and move.

This fanciful idea of moving to NYC may actually happen, five years after I first started scheming to do it.

What’s most shocking is how quickly this Craigslist thing suddenly panned out. We posted an ad a couple of weeks ago and got NOT ONE RESPONSE. Then on Monday night I posted another one, and I’ve been fielding email inquiries left and right.

I’ve screened out several of them with the “you can’t move in until September” disclaimer, but as of now we have six appointments scheduled (Thursday night, two Friday morning, one Friday afternoon, one Saturday morning, and one Sunday morning.) And that’s just from a single Craigslist posting on Monday.

I guess we’d better really kick our hunt for a NYC apartment into high gear, huh? The clock is ticking!

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