“Traces” Revisited

Long-time readers (and friends in Charlotte) may recall my near obsession with the theatrical, acrobatic performance of “Traces” when it toured through Charlotte in October of 2008. I saw it several times, and could not stop raving about it. It seems the rest of the world has started to take notice of the show also.

Earlier this week, “Traces” was featured on the reality competition show America’s Got Talent! and, according to commentary on that video clip, they just recently performed for British royalty — that’s right, William & Kate have apparently been treated to a performance of “Traces” as well. Judging from the reactions on the clip, I’d say the traveling troupe of performers is doing well for themselves!

Check out the video:

And that’s just showcasing a small portion of the wildly varied group of talents these performers bring to the stage.

Now, what really astounded me about “Traces” — besides the obvious talent — was how warm and genuine they were. When they spent several weeks in Charlotte, there were only four performers, but all seemed like a real delight to be around. We were fortunate enough to see a couple of them outside the theatre once or twice, and we always marveled at how comfortable they made everyone around them.

Bravo, “Traces” cast. Very glad to see your act expanding and earning you the global recognition you deserve.

2 Responses to “Traces” Revisited

  1. Micki says:

    I could watch them for hours!

  2. […] a year ago, I shared a video about my favorite performance troupe “Traces” being featured on America’s Got […]

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