Apartment Hunting Blues

I’ve been eagerly looking forward to renting out my condo in Charlotte and getting an apartment in NYC, but I feared that finding a tenant in Charlotte would delay the process. It turns out, finding prospective tenants in Charlotte was EASY, but I’m struggling to find the right apartment in New York City!

It’s funny how things work out.

Within two days of posting a Craigslist ad for tenants in Charlotte, I had more than a dozen inquiries. And I showed the place over and over again last weekend, with lots of qualified prospects expressing interest. It turns out that there are plenty of dependable people looking to live in this area, and apparently my price point was competitive enough to warrant a lot of interest.

New York City apartments, on the other hand, are a little tricker. Sure, there are TONS of them, but I’m looking to find one at a good price point (essentially I need my contribution to the NYC rent to be no more than what I’m getting in Charlotte rent for my home here) that is big enough for two adults, two medium sized dogs, and a home office for me to work remotely.

Oh, and it would be GREAT if I didn’t have to pay first month’s rent, last month’s rent in advance, and a security deposit equal to an entire month’s rent… all on Day 1. ’cause that’s a whole lot of money to just come up with out of thin air, and neither of us have a random stash of thousands of dollars that we can glibly toss at a landlord.

Add to that the complexity that we’re looking to move in September, but most apartments are listed in NYC with a “move in immediately!” sense of urgency, and there’s a decent likelihood that we may have to find something quickly once we’re closer to moving. And since I will have to have a Charlotte lease ready to go far in advance, there’s a very real possibility that we may be committing to getting out of Charlotte without having a set place to move to in NYC.

Nobody ever said dreams were easy to fulfill, did they? (At least, nobody who wasn’t filthy rich.)

2 Responses to Apartment Hunting Blues

  1. Jason Giles says:

    I told you dude. Ya the first month and last month rent thing is standard. Finding a place like the one you had in Charlotte for the same price is going to be really hard. Your best shot is Washington Heights. You could also look in Williamsburg, I here the rent isn’t bad there either.

  2. gatoruptown says:

    Not looking for a place where the TOTAL rent is as cheap as mine in Charlotte, just my portion of the NYC rent 🙂

    We’re looking at Astoria (Queens) and in the Heights. Some good prospects, but finding something that meets ALL of our criteria is tricky!

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