Risk: Halo Wars Edition

I’ve rambled on and on about my love for all things Halo. And in recent years I’ve discovered that board games can actually be fun with the right group of friends. So, imagine my delight when I discovered the classic board game Risk, with a HALO WARS twist!

From the manufacturer:

Lead your armies in an effort to eradicate your enemies. Will you choose the Covenant, the mightiest alien military, intent on wiping out humankind? The UNSC, humanity’s brave defenders, fighting for survival? Or the parasitic Flood, driven by a desire to infect any sentient life it encounters? It’s your opportunity to size up the opposition, formulate a strategy and embark on a mission to control Arcadia and win the game. Who will have the most strategic plan, earn their achievements and take control?

Game comes complete with over 290 custom game pieces:

  • UNSC Fire Bases, Marines, Scorpion Tanks and Spartan
  • Covenant Command Centers, Grunts, Wraith and Arbiter
  • Flood ProtoGraveminds, Infection Forms, Carrier Forms and Juggernaut

There are now 3 ways to play Risk for faster game play!
AGES 12+ 3-5 players

Naturally, I bought it as soon as I saw it. (And thank you, Anthony, for sending me the txt msg photo that prompted this.) I’ve never even played REGULAR Risk before, but I’m all kindsa excited.

Who wants to play?!

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