NYC Uncertainties

Friends keep asking what our timeline is for our proposed move to New York City. The unfortunate truth is. I have absolutely NO idea, because there are a couple of Great Big Unknowns to resolve first.

But I hope that we’re about to make some serious progress this week.

One major thing that has held me back for years has been finding a job at the bank that will let me work in NYC. That part’s done, so there really are only three big things to resolve:

1) Confirming what Sal’s job situation will be (what job/jobs, how much it/they will pay, how many hours, etc.)
2) Finding an apartment whose rent will fit within our combined budget
3) Finding a tenant for my condo in Charlotte whose rental income will at least cover my portion of the NYC rent

We HAD #3 worked out, but it appears that I’ve waited too long. (I wouldn’t sign a lease here in Charlotte until we knew that we absolutely had everything worked out for the move, as I didn’t want to commit to vacating my home here if I wasn’t 100% sure that I was moving somewhere else!) It appears that I didn’t move quickly enough, and that ship has sailed, so I’m going to have to start over.

Seeing how much interest there was in such a short period of time, I feel pretty good that I can get a tenant here when I’m ready. Now it’s just a matter of confirming Sal’s job situation and finding the right apartment within our budget.

Fortunately, as I implied earlier, this week may be a good opportunity to make progress on those two fronts. We will be visiting NYC for a wedding on Saturday, and plan to spend most of Friday searching for options. There are a few apartments that we’re going to look at, and it will be a good chance for Sal to start scouting out job options. Hopefully this will give us the kickstart we need to really get going.

In theory, our target for moving is the week of Labor Day. We’ll have one last big weekend in Charlotte to pack our things, say our goodbyes, and then hit the road right after the holiday. The plan is for us to take that whole week off so that we have plenty of time to drive the U-Haul up, unload it, unpack all of our stuff, and get good ‘n settled in.

Keep your fingers crossed for us, friends!

2 Responses to NYC Uncertainties

  1. Micki says:

    Hey, my offer of petsitting still stands if you wind up in a bind come moving time. I’ll be settling into my new spot right around the same time, and your pups are welcome to hang with my guys for a while if it makes things easier. We’ll have a nice 20-acres of walking and running every day, they would love it!

  2. […] weeks ago I posted about the great big uncertainties that were keeping us from moving to NYC. I followed that up a few days later with a triumphant post about how we were moving there after […]

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