NYC Apartment Hunting

While visiting NYC this week for a wedding, Sal and I decided to do some scouting of apartments since we’re up here anyway. No commitments, no pressure, just get a feel for what the market is really like.

Pretty much NOTHING went as planned.

We had decided to start our search in the Astoria neighborhood of Queens for a couple of reasons. Sal had lived here for awhile already, it had a very “neighborhoody” feel but was very close to Midtown Manhattan, we have several friends in Astoria, and in general you can get larger apartments for your money than in Manhattan. We’d been viewing apartments on Craigslist for weeks in anticipation.

What we HADN’T anticipated was how much of a pain in the ass it would be to find a decent apartment that would allow us to bring two knee-high dogs with us. Or that closet space is essentially non-existent in most reasonably-priced NYC apartments.

We had arrived in New York excited about a 2-bedroom 1300SF apartment for the shockingly low rent of $1400 per month. Unfortunately that seemed to rent in about a DAY, so our hopes were dashed. We spent the afternoon looking at other options, but they were tiny, had little-to-no space for storage or even clothes, and in general were just awful.

Oh, and they all wanted first month’s rent, security deposit equal to a month’s rent, and a broker fee of at least (and often much more than) one month’s rent.

Sal and I sat down in a park and discussed the likelihood of Plan B, in which he moved up to NYC and stayed on friends’ couches for awhile so that he could secure his New York employment and keep an eye out for cheaper, no-fee apartments that we could afford and that would allow Puck and Nala to live with us. We grudgingly conceded that we would probably not be deciding on an apartment anytime soon.

Until… We saw a brand new building, four stories, eight total units, laundry equipment onsite, grocery store NEXT DOOR and 7-Eleven across the street, and the Subway stop (N/Q lines, for you New Yorkers) literally around the corner. And yet, through the magic of modern construction, quiet as a mouse when you’re in the apartment itself.

The apartment has one large bedroom, a large living room, a beautiful kitchen and bathroom, and several closets. The floor is ceramic tile throughout, and overall the entire apartment feels very open and comfortable. We both walked in and instantly felt at home.

It’s slightly more than we’d hoped to pay (though still within our price range) and does include a broker’s fee equal to one month (which I’d hoped to avoid) but it’s just plain awesome. And the move-in would be in October, which would give us time to get things squared away in Charlotte.

Against all judgment and prudence, we applied immediately and are anxiously waiting to hear back today if we’re approved. As of yesterday afternoon, considering the variety of paperwork I brought with me (pay stubs, W2s, back statements, and credit report) they said it looked like we were good to go… But the official approval will hopefully come today.

And hopefully we’ll be signing a lease tomorrow before we head to the airport.

Stay tuned, readers! In the next day or two, I’ll either be gleefully posting photos or whining about how it all feel apart. Fingers crossed!

5 Responses to NYC Apartment Hunting

  1. Rebecca says:

    Yay!!! I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you guys! Is this in Astoria?

  2. gatoruptown says:

    Update: Signing the lease tomorrow πŸ™‚

  3. You’re not allowed to go to that 7-11. You’re New Yorkers now πŸ™‚

  4. Random Black Girl says:

    I’m just saying…I’m only coming to visit to get a Slurpee πŸ™‚

  5. […] up a few days later with a triumphant post about how we were moving there after all, having found an apartment we really liked. Now, I’m biting my lip and anxiously waiting for confirmation that there hasn’t been a […]

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