Death by Xbox

20 year-old Chris Staniforth apparently loved playing the Halo video games on Xbox even more than I do… So much that it ended up killing him, in real life. That’s right — this poor kid played Xbox to death, literally.

I’m not even trying to make an insensitive joke here. This is freakin’ AWFUL.

The British gamer played Halo for hours on end, reportedly as much as twelve hours a day, and in May it led to his shocking death. Officially the cause of death was “deep vein thrombosis, a condition triggered by sitting for extremely long periods of time” according to the coroner, but the condition is more commonly seen among passengers flying extremely long distances (such as travel across an ocean) in small, uncomfortable seats.

A blood clot formed in his leg from sitting still on a chair for an extended period of time, and “moved up to his lungs to cause a fatal pulmonary embolism.” Without warning, a marathon session of video game playing cost this man his life.

Read the source article and see the embedded video by clicking here. And then get up from your chair and take a short walk around the room… For real.

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