Don’t let the title scare you — I’m not part of the recently announced job cuts at my employer. No, the title refers to our gradual reduction of space-eating stuff in our home, as we know that our apartment in New York City will be smaller and will have less storage capacity.

So that means making some painful sacrifices in our collections of clothes, movies, etc. And I do mean painful.

One of the first things that guests notice when walking into our home for the first time are the three giant shelves of DVDs in the living room. There are literally about 800 movies on these shelves, and several boxed collections of favorite television series. It’s a breathtaking collection, but it completely eats up a wall. For those that haven’t seen it, here’s a helpful photo:


Sal came up with a great solution that helps preserve the collection without requiring as much space to display. Memorex makes a great little box called File-n-Store that is designed to hold CDs and DVDs. Each box comes with forty double-sided sleeves, which you can lift out and rearrange to your heart’s content. Check it out:

So what does this mean? These hundreds of DVDs will neatly fit in a series of small boxes (alphabetized, of course — my nearly-OCD urge to put things in sequence will not be conquered so easily!) And we’ll be able to eliminate one, if not two, of the large bookshelves from the living room wall.

Of course, this also means a ton of DVD coverboxes are being tossed out. Exhibit A:

The sacrifices we make… But to be honest, this is probably just another step on the way to digitizing all of our movies.

I’ve already posted about my love for the revised Apple TV device… And in fact, I’ve got one connected in the living room and another in the bedroom. So really, it’s all just a matter of time before all of our movies and television shows are ripped into iTunes anyway, right?

2 Responses to Downsizing

  1. digitizing your media is a long and tedious process. you may want to consider hiring help…like flying an unemployed friend (he hem) up to NYC to do it for you.

  2. […] know that I have a bad habit of collecting things… My DVD collection was the stuff of legend, until we downsized several years ago. (And even then we kept the DVDs, just ditched the […]

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