NYC Uncertainties, Revisited

Two weeks ago I posted about the great big uncertainties that were keeping us from moving to NYC. I followed that up a few days later with a triumphant post about how we were moving there after all, having found an apartment we really liked. Now, I’m biting my lip and anxiously waiting for confirmation that there hasn’t been a major setback.

We were told by the broker that we’d been approved for the apartment, at that the landlord had confirmed that having the dogs was okay. When we arrived to sign the lease, however, there was no mention of the dogs being approved in the paperwork. I pointed that out to the broker who was having me sign the paperwork, and he assured me that it was okay because nothing in the lease forbade dogs.

I reminded out that I was both a banker and a landlord, and encouraged him to look at page four, item twenty-seven — the section entitled, “NO PETS” which clearly stated that pets were not allowed without written permission. He encouraged me to just cross out that section and move on… Which I did, after initialing it and asking for a copy of the signed lease immediately upon the landlord’s signing of it.

A week later, we still hadn’t heard anything, and we were starting to get a little nervous. I called and spoke to the same guy who had me sign the paperwork (the original broker’s boss) and he let me know that he had sent the lease, along with the photos of the dogs that we’d provided, over to the landlord to sign. With any luck, I should hear back from him the next day that the signed, approved, dog-friendly lease was in the mail on the way to me.

That conversation was Monday, meaning “the next day” was Tuesday… When I went to bed on Wednesday, I still hadn’t gotten confirmation that everything was resolved.

As you can imagine, I’m a wreck. I have gotten my heart set on this apartment — it’s brand new, it’s relatively spacious (for New York City), it’s relatively inexpensive (for a nice, new, relatively spacious apartment in New York City), and the location is phenomenal. It’s right next to a grocery store, a 7-Eleven, and a subway with express service to midtown Manhattan. And most endearingly of all, it’s incredibly close to several of our good friends.

Maybe I’m worrying over nothing, but I can just picture this place slipping away, and it terrifies me.

Stay tuned, readers… Let’s hope this is just a momentary hiccup on our path to New York.

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