NYC Heartbreak

Got some bad news last night… It looks like the landlord of our apartment in NYC doesn’t want to rent to anyone with dogs as big as ours.

And the worst part? I had to find out on Craigslist that we weren’t getting the apartment.

It had been a week since my broker in Astoria said that they had sent the lease (with photos of the dogs) to the landlord, and we hadn’t heard a peep back. So I did a little sleuthing on Craigslist, and sure enough, I saw our apartment listed for rent.

Not just an apartment in that building, but OUR apartment. It specifically described the larger of the two apartments on the second floor, which is the one we had signed a lease for and were waiting for the landlord’s signature on.

Just to be sure, I called the broker who had re-listed it (who was with a different realty company than my broker) and played dumb. I innocently said that I had seen that apartment a few weeks ago but had been told that it was already rented.

He very helpfully shared that the person who had requested that one had two big dogs, which the landlord didn’t want, so the landlord had not signed the lease and likely wouldn’t.

Still waiting to talk to MY broker and find out if there’s any hope of salvaging this deal… I’m willing to consider giving a separate pet deposit, or perhaps even paying an extra $100 a month in rent or something like that. I’m happy to get statements from neighbors here in Charlotte attesting that the dogs are friendly and not violent/destructive. I’m willing to beg and plead and weep openly.

Unfortunately I’m not optimistic, though. The fact that they have re-posted it for rent certainly doesn’t bode well. I suppose we’ll see what happens when they call me.

I’m concerned, frankly, that the dogs may be an issue at many apartments. So far just about everything we’ve seen either says no pets, or specifically mandates small pets only. And despite friends’ suggestions that we just move in anyway and not tell them that we have dogs, I’m not about to risk losing about four thousand dollars in broker fees and security deposits by hoping the landlord doesn’t find out that we’re in violation of our lease agreement. (And yes, even in NYC a landlord can evict you for violating pet restrictions.)

I’m really hoping we don’t get put in a situation where we have to choose between living in NYC and living with the dogs… Because Sal has made it clear that he’s moving there with or without me, and with or without the dogs, and if forced to choose, I’m likely to choose Sal over the dogs.

But I’ll worry about that dilemma if/when the time comes.

2 Responses to NYC Heartbreak

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