Four years ago today…

…I met Salvador Garcia, Jr. in New York City. And damn, my life ain’t been the same since.

I always get mushy when I tell the story of the weekend we met. Fortunately for me (though arguably unfortunately for friends who’ve known us awhile) I was practically live-blogging our four-day-long first date. Which means I get to share it with newer readers for the first time.

Here goes.

I wrote the Labor Day Chronicles in four parts, which you can read below. They had their fair share of errors and omissions, but those were honest mistakes. In general, the narrative pretty neatly sums up the madness of the long weekend. Check it out:

Part 1 of 4
Part 2 of 4
Part 3 of 4
Part 4 of 4

And then, there were the Superlatives. You know how in high school, you have titles listed in the yearbook like “Best Dressed” or “Prettiest Smile” or silly stuff like that? Well, I captured some superlatives — both good and bad — about the trip right after it was over. In fact, I posted that BEFORE I posted the long narratives, but I think it works better as a summing up after the longer details.

We’ve had some lovely times celebrating the anniversary each year on Labor Day weekend. We went to New Orleans for our first anniversary weekend, Cancún (well, Playa del Carmen, but whatever!) for our second, and (shockingly) stayed in Charlotte for our third.

This weekend will be the fourth anniversary weekend, and we’ll be staying in Charlotte again. We’re resurrecting last year’s Anniversary Wine Tasting Party and holding it again at our home, which may be the last big event that we host at M Street before moving to New York City if everything works out.

But you know what’s really great about our anniversary this year? The actual day we met was August 31st, 2007… so today is our anniversary, right? We’ll do something quiet, just the two of us… and then we get to celebrate with friends all weekend.

That’s just how we roll.

One Response to Four years ago today…

  1. “Something quiet”? If you really want to commemorate the first night you two met you should burst into my bedroom at about 4am, loudly and drunkenly……..

    Happy Anniversary! 🙂

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