Doggie Dilemmas

It’s official – our apartment in NYC limits dogs to 15 pounds. So we had 48 hours to decide whether to give up the apartment, or find new homes for the dogs.

As you might imagine, it was a rough day and a surprisingly difficult decision.

We’ve had Puck for almost three years, since he was about ten months old. And we’ve had Nala for six months, almost her entire life. Giving them away would be heartbreaking… But Sal is going to move to New York with or without me ‘n the dogs, and if I have to decide between living with Sal or keeping the dogs, that’s an easy decision.

It sounds harsh, but there you have it.

Having gotten that off my chest, I’ll say this: the apartment we found was gorgeous and perfectly located, but there are other apartments. So despite briefly toying with the idea of giving the dogs to friends or family, we realized that we couldn’t give up that easily.

So we’re rolling the dice and hoping for the best. Sal has been feverishly looking at a fresh batch of apartments all over Manhattan and Queens, and he’s even entertained the notion of Brooklyn or Jersey City (though grudgingly.)

Some extremely patient friends of ours have helpfully gone to look at a couple of options and give us their opinion, which has been incredibly useful during our search. Out of three showings we’ve eliminated two and are “on the fence” on the third, which will probably mean “no” in the end. And we’ve got inquiries out on a half-dozen other places.

Bottom line, we’re not breaking up this family unless we have to. It may mean slowing down the process, and it may even mean Sal has to move up to NYC and couch-surf for awhile so he can be on the ground for the search, but we’re going to hold out for a great apartment that keeps us together.

Making grown-up choices sure is a bitch sometimes.

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