Apartment shuffle

As with many things in life, I’ve got good news and bad news… The good news is, I’ve found one and possibly two good prospects to rent my home in Charlotte when I move, and more are lining up to see the place.

The bad news is, I still have NO IDEA if/when I’m moving to New York City and vacating the home they want to rent.

Two showings on Tuesday night both went well, with people that loved the place and seemed to be residents who would get along well with our neighbors. (That last part isn’t a REQUIREMENT of course, but it’s a nice bonus.) One has already started submitting the proof of identity/income documents that I request from tenants, and the other is a week away from deciding but leaning towards my place.

I’ve actually stopped scheduling showings until further notice, because it looks likely that we’ve got at least one and possibly two good tenant options. Naturally I’m keeping other inquiries on file just in case, but for now it seems I’m set.

I just don’t have an apartment in NYC lined up yet! One friend has been viewing Astoria apartments for us, another has been viewing Manhattan ones, and a third has been viewing Brooklyn ones… But so far, we’re still in the market.

There are actually some GREAT places that they’ve looked at, but there tend to be issues with the dogs, or ridiculous broker fees well in excess of what we’re able to pay, or (insert problem here.) One in Brooklyn looks promising but it’s right next to train tracks, which would be terrible if I’m on conference calls all day.

And don’t get me started on the “two bedroom” apartments that turn out to be 600 square feet with living rooms that are “convertible into a bedroom.” Jerks.

The saga continues… We’ve got a couple of options in Astoria still to be explored, and haven’t yet ruled out the one in Brooklyn… But this ongoing uncertainty is a bitch.

As always, stay tuned.

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