Apartment Hunt: A New Hope

Earlier this morning I had myself a good pity party for how frustrating our apartment search in New York City has been lately… Things may actually be turning around though! Believe it or not, we may be on the cusp of having an application submitted and approved for a place that we’d be delighted to call home. (Pardon me while I quickly knock on my wooden desk, throw salt over my shoulders, and click my heels three times.)

We had a friend check out an apartment for us last night that seems fantastic! It’s in Queens, in a neighborhood we hadn’t really considered before, but by all accounts it’s lovely. (I even looked up crime statistics for the local precinct in advance this time, and we’re golden.) The building is decent though not phenomenal, the apartment is nice though not jaw-dropping, and the neighborhood includes parks and playgrounds for the dogs and lots of great stuff nearby for people.

Fingers crossed, we may have found our new home. Waiting for confirmation today that our two dogs will be allowed (not going through THAT nonsense again) and word on when the lease would start, since we can’t afford to start paying rent IMMEDIATELY but 2-3 weeks from now would be okay. Until we know those things we’re not officially applying, but we’re at the front of the line right now.

There’s also another place being looked at tonight by a different friend, which looks pretty awesome online as well. It’s in a neighborhood we know, is explicitly open to dogs of any size, is near a park and friends of ours, and has a floorplan showing sizes of rooms. (The floorplan’s kitchen layout doesn’t seem to match the photos, so there’s a bit of a raised eyebrow there, but it could just be a difference in kitchen configuration for that particular unit.) This could be as appealing as (or even better than) the apartment from yesterday, so we may have another good option. Fingers crossed!

I’m really looking forward to this being over, frankly. Close friends will tell you that I’m a planner — I like to be organized about events and changes, I make checklists like nobody’s business, I plan ahead for possible risks and make contingency plans if things go wrong. Not being able to plan to logistics of my move is driving me CRAZY, as I have a lot to get done. We need to pack, arrange for utilities in the new home, get my job transitioned, figure out what Sal’s job situation is going to be, and so on…

And that doesn’t even include the saga around renting out my Charlotte home, which I can’t even begin to get into right now.

Still, I’m being careful not to let me eagerness overcome my better judgment. As I said in my last post, we have the luxury of being a little picky with our apartment options, and waiting until we find a home we can be happy with in a neighborhood that offers us a decent lifestyle. Yes, apartment hunting is difficult (all the more so when you’re more than 500 miles away!) but there ARE good options out there… We just need to be patient and thorough.

Here’s hoping that we may have rounded third base on this ordeal, and could be in the home stretch. (Oh c’mon, don’t I get SOME props for pulling off a sports metaphor?)

Stay tuned! More updates coming in the next day or two, hopefully with some very good news.

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