Cautiously Optimistic

My move to New York City has been a series of ups and downs, as frequent readers can attest. Losing the apartment that we were so excited about hurt like hell, and the difficulties we’ve faced since then have been frustrating. But believe it or not, it looks like we’re moving in a week and a half.

You read that right: We’ve been approved for an apartment, and we’re allegedly moving in to our new apartment on September 27th.

This is actually the apartment that I referenced in my post a few days ago. (And the fact that nobody called me out on the Star Wars reference in the title disappointed me, for the record.) A friend of mine went and explored the apartment for me, did a walk-through, took a video with his iPhone, and posted it to YouTube for me. In fact, just in case you’re the curious sort, you can watch the video for yourself:

And yes, I realize that the YouTube video has inexplicably chosen as its “cover” image the one second of the video that featured the toilet. I don’t know why, either, but I promise that’s not the most compelling part of the apartment.

It’s on the top (6th) floor of an elevator building, a ten minute walk from the subway, a block from a park, and surrounded by lots of restaurants and cafes and such. The building is in the Jackson Heights neighborhood of Queens, which includes a bunch of restaurants and shops to enjoy. (If you’re really curious, check out the block/neighborhood on Google Maps.)

The broker in New York City has gone to great lengths to get our dogs approved, which included sharing photos of them, letters from neighbors attesting to the fact that the dogs are friendly and well behaved, etc. But in the end, it appears to be all set — we included their breed on the application, they’ve seen recent photos of the dogs, and they said we’re approved.

Having said that… I’m still considering myself “cautiously optimistic” here. I’m REALLY happy with my broker, as he’s been very supportive and responsive, so I’m sure I won’t have to worry about the kind of shenanigans that my last broker pulled on us. But until that landlord has signed my lease and the building superintendent has handed me the keys, I’m still going to be nervously waiting for something to go wrong.

Fingers crossed, being positive, looking forward to the move.

Now I’ve just got to worry about getting tenants in Charlotte squared away and ready to move in, getting all of our belongings put into a U-Haul and aimed north, getting unloaded and settled in, and making our new apartment feel like home. But we’ll tackle each of those in turn — for now, I’m just celebrating the fact that a major milestone is behind us.

2 Responses to Cautiously Optimistic

  1. Joel says:

    So happy for you. That apartment is sooo nice. Good luck with all the ins and outs of moving. And next time I make the jaunt up to NYC from Philly I will have to hang with you two.


  2. […] I shared the good news that we’ve been approved for an apartment in the Jackson Heights neighborhood of Queens, and that we’re scheduled to move in on […]

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