U-Haul dilemma

The countdown is on! We hit the road in just over a week to move from Charlotte to New York City… One thing we haven’t resolved yet, though, is how the hell we’re going to get the two of us, our apartment full of belongings, and two dogs up there.

We’re actually in a bit of a pickle, here.

The obvious answer is to get a U-Haul, cram everything in there, point north, and go. But the big unknown factor there is the dogs. In that scenario, we have a few different options:

  1. Put them in their kennels, load the kennels into the very back of the U-Haul after everything else, and strap the kennels in securely so they don’t slide around during the trip.
  2. Leave them in the cab of the U-Haul with us, loose, so they are around us and in theory more comfortable
  3. Have one of us drive our car separately (which we’d planned to get rid of in Charlotte) and keep the dogs in the back seat of the car

Option #1 is the easiest option, but I have my concerns. Depending on the weather, it could be MISERABLY HOT in there, and I certainly wouldn’t want to put their health at risk. (Considering all that we went through to ensure they were allowed to live with us, they’d better show up to New York in tip-top condition, thank you!) They’d also probably be TERRIFIED, not knowing what was going on, stuck in there for long stretches in between stops for potty breaks. And the paranoid side of me naturally imagines some careless driver rear-ending the U-Haul and somehow injuring the dogs.

Option #2 might make the dogs happy, but I think 11-12 hours with them trying to climb all over us would drive us batshit crazy… And there’s always the safety issue, the possibility that they might randomly decide to climb up on whichever daddy was driving, and end up causing the driver to lose focus or control. Not a pretty scenario.

Option #3 is probably the safest and most comfortable for the dogs… But that means that we can’t get rid of the car before we move as we had planned, and it means gas for 500 miles. (Plus riding separately, which would be disappointing but doable.)

Ultimately, there are pros and cons all around, but it seems like a separate car is the only reasonable solution. Now, whether that’s us driving our car separately, or some Charlotte friend making a road-trip with us while we move… that’s a different question altogether. Sooo yeah, Charlotte friends, anyone want to make a road trip up to NYC with us a week from Tuesday, and perhaps stay a couple of days in NYC?

There IS another alternative, actually, which a clever friend suggested… Rather than getting a standard U-Haul truck, we could conceivably get a big VAN with a trailer attached. We could put the dogs in their kennels, in the van with us, so there’s air conditioning and us there to be reassuring when they start to get antsy or nervous about the road trip (if they even do.) We could put a whole lot of moving boxes in the van, and then keep the attached trailer for the actual furniture itself.

Really it would be just like the Tarradiddle Players van that Sal frequently drove, with the trailer full of sets and costumes, so it wouldn’t be that different (for Sal, at least.) It would allow us to comfortably keep the dogs with us and still driving together in a single vehicle. The crucial question, of course, is would all of our furniture and boxes fit in the van/trailer combo?

(Of course, this is assuming that I can find a long-distance one-way rental for a cargo van and a trailer… U-Haul is not offering it, damn it.)

So c’mon, o’ wise and clever GatorUptown.com readers… Weigh in below on using the “Leave a Reply” feature. What do you think about our options?

One Response to U-Haul dilemma

  1. jim says:

    One option is to let your dogs fly up to NY. You could pick them up as soon as you get to your new home and unload the truck. Then you don’t have to make as many potty breaks while on the road and could get there safely.

    Another option is to drive part of the way, you and the dogs stay at my house and then travel the remainder of the way (about 4 hours) and then I’d bring the dogs up on Friday (or so).

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