NYC Shut-in

Over the past week, people have been asking me how I like living in the big city, the Big Apple, etc. I invariably respond that all I’ve seen so far is the Big Apartment. Tonight, I finally got the chance to go explore my new neighborhood.

That’s right — I finally stopped being such a damned shut-in.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m thrilled to be in New York City, but my first week in town was spent unloading, unpacking, taking an overnight trip to Washington DC, and then getting back to work.

I did have one night out celebrating a birthday and a wedding on my third night in my new home, but that really felt more like an evening during a weekend visit than a night out as a New Yorker. For me, getting a chance to explore my own neighborhood was what had really been missing.

And yes, walking around the block with the dogs is fine… As was the one morning in which I walked up to a grocery store and stopped off at a bagel shop. But tonight, we had a nice dinner out at a local Cuban/Mexican fusion restaurant. We chatted up the bartender and the server, had a great meal, killed a pitcher of sangria, and wandered aimlessly ’round the block.

Finally, after a week, this neighborhood is starting to feel like home.

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