iPhone shell game

I was a Day One owner of the original iPhone, and have steadfastly maintained that status with every new version that comes out… When the iPhone 4S went on presale this morning, I made sure this would be no exception.

This time there IS one little catch, however.

I’ve always been able to sell my current iPhone on eBay for more than the upgrade cost, thanks to a special program for employees of my company that lets them get an upgrade every year instead of every two. I was particularly excited this year to see that eBay has a new program where you get an immediate offer from a third-party company to purchase your phone, and you don’t have to go through the trouble of auctioning your current one.

Slight hiccup this time… This morning, my iPhone 4 decided to stop working. The battery did not charge overnight, and will not charge today. I’ve tried multiple cables, I’ve plugged into different electrical outlets, I’ve plugged directly into my computer… Nothing. It just sits there showing that the battery is too low for the phone to operate, and it APPEARS to be taking a charge, but it continues to sit at 1% power after hours of charging.

So I will be hurriedly taking my iPhone 4 over to the Apple Store first thing Saturday morning to get it fixed/replaced, will be very careful to keep it in good condition for a week, and then will happily ship it off when my new iPhone 4S arrives next Friday.

And just for added eye-rolling, let me quietly confide in you that since I will be traveling for work next week, my new iPhone 4S will be arriving at my hotel for me to enjoy on Day One in the evening. ’cause I’m that kinda geeky about it.

Some people scoffed at my plan to upgrade to the iPhone 4S, with the idea that it just wasn’t enough of an improvement from the iPhone 4 to warrant the upgrade. But when you consider that it will essentially be a free upgrade thanks to the sale of my current iPhone, I figure, why not?

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