Neighbor noise-off

The downstairs’ neighbors have escalated the dispute over noises coming from our floors… They’ve started banging on their ceiling (which leads to our floor) to show their displeasure.

This is starting to get out of hand.

When I out the dogs to bed tonight at around 11:30 (later than usual, but I’d been working late and Sal hadn’t gotten home from work yet) they made a lot more noise than normal. Long story short, both dogs got into one kennel, which led to them rustling around, barking, banging against the walls of the kennel, etc. for about two minutes.

The person below me, who I believe is the grandmother of the three-generation household (grandmother, married couple, two children) if I recall correctly, started banging on the ceiling as a way of saying, “Hey, keep it down up there!”

Okay, I was pissed at the dogs for being stupid and noisy, and embarrassed that they’d bothered the downstairs neighbor. But having someone below me banging on the ceiling sure didn’t help the dogs settle down sooner, much less help improve my temperament at the time.

When Sal got home, things got worse in a hurry. He was walking — WALKING — across the floor, in his socks, when grandma started banging on the ceiling again.

She stopped very soon, and Sal and I literally just stared at each other in shock. I was halfway through asking, “Did she really just do that?” when she started up again, WHILE WE WERE STANDING STILL, just staring at each other.

I swear, I’m starting to feel like I’m living this Family Guy cartoon:

3 Responses to Neighbor noise-off

  1. […] finally, remember my friends the downstairs neighbors, who were banging on the ceiling to protest the noise coming from my apartment above theirs? Well, our new rugs from West Elm came […]

  2. Roy says:

    OMG that’s too funny, yeah they will be gone soon I hope!

  3. […] All of these things are great. And even the one really annoying problem — thin floors and cranky downstairs neighbors — has become less of a problem in recent months. Even the trials and tribulations of home […]

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