Home Office Furniture FAIL

I’m so incredibly upset right now that I can barely speak coherent sentences… Fortunately, venting in writing allows one to edit. So let me tell you how my afternoon and evening went to complete SHIT today, thanks to my experience with Staples home office furniture delivery program.

It occurs to me that I can probably best sum up the experience by directly copying-and-pasting the email that I sent the Staples team this evening. So here goes:

I need to let you know, I am incredibly unhappy with the service I have received through this process. I need everything your delivery drivers brought into my home to be removed immediately, and a new order to be sent.

I had a 2:00-6:00 delivery window today, so I deliberately blocked my work calendar to avoid having a meeting during this time frame. The drivers arrived at around 5:00. They finally left at about 9:00pm, preventing me from doing anything tonight, and my home office is in shambles. My entire afternoon and evening has been wasted, and I am actually worse off than I was before they arrived.

Two pieces of the furniture were broken (one had a large gouge in it, the other a deep scratch) and were taken away to be replaced, and most of the remaining pieces were left propped up against the wall. They did complete a portion of the desk, but after they left and I was able to clean off the dirt and debris from the surface and the floors, I discovered another crack in the portion of the desk that was allegedly complete. I also found a desk drawer that won’t close flush with the other drawers.

The large cardboard boxes were removed, but there were still small pieces of debris all over the floor. The surfaces were dusty, and the miscellaneous unused hardware pieces (screws, etc.) were left sitting around loose on another table of mine.

At this point, I have zero faith that the installers who were here actually assembled anything correctly. They actually told me that they had never put this particular unit together before and that it was a “mystery” to them – their words. For the record, both gentlemen WERE very nice, personable, and respectful. They clearly just didn’t know what they were doing with this particular furniture design, and they did a very poor job of cleaning up after themselves when they left. This was definitely not the “white glove” service that you advertise.

I am not at all comfortable that the work that was partially completed was done correctly, based on their comments and what I’ve seen after they left. Please arrange for a crew to come remove everything that they left here – the miscellaneous pieces, partially complete furniture, and piles of pieces of wood that are strewn about the room. I’d like to get this room returned to some semblance of normalcy as soon as possible, since I essentially can’t use my home office now until someone does this.

Please also send a complete NEW order of furniture as soon as possible, to replace the piles of wood and parts that you have removed, and arrange for them to be delivered and installed by a different crew that has experience assembling this furniture.

I can be reached at [phone number] to discuss both the removal of the previous botched order, and the new attempt at starting over from scratch.

Any questions?

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