Q3 Travel Season

It’s become an annual routine: Each year, from late September through early November, I’m in and out of town repeatedly traveling as a representative of my employer’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) employee resource group. And I’m smack in the middle of the 2011 traveling season.

The fact that I just moved here makes it all the most crazy that I’m back-and-forth so much, but what can ya do?

This season started right on cue, on October 1st as I traveled to Washington, DC for the Human Rights Campaign’s annual National Dinner. I had just moved in a few days before so I kept the trip short — flew in that afternoon, stayed overnight, had breakfast, and came home. Still, it was a great 24 hours or so, with an inspiring evening and a delightful brunch with friends.

Last weekend I actually stayed in my new home in New York. For a holiday weekend, no less — shocking, I know.

Now today, I will fly out to Dallas for the Reaching Out MBA (ROMBA) conference in Dallas. I’ve attended several years in a row now, helping to recruit top LGBT talent from business schools. It’s become something of a reunion for me and several of the other recruiters (and even some alumni participants who just keep going back.) Here’s hoping I find some great candidates and convince them to come work for us after they graduate.

Back on Sunday, then it’s off to Charlotte for the weekend beginning Friday. This wasn’t a pure vacation trip — I have a work flight leaving Charlotte that Sunday, and it was cheaper to simply book a book-end flight before/after than to cancel the first one and start over from New York. (And coincidentally, the Whitewater Center’s Fall Finale is that weekend, which I discovered after I’d booked the flight… hooray for pleasant surprises!)

From Charlotte, I fly to Dallas for a second time, where I will stay for most of the week for the Out & Equal Workplace Summit. This year in particular it will mean a lot to me, as I played a big role in coordinating our company’s attendance. We’re also a finalist for a big award, so if that goes well, I will of course feel recognized and appreciated for all of the work we’ve put in this year.

From Dallas, I fly to Orlando (with a quick stop in Charlotte to change planes… I know, it’s a crazy system.) Again, this isn’t pure vacation — in this case, it’s for a wedding, and one in which I am “in” so there certainly isn’t any chance I’d miss it. (Plus, the bride actually took my hectic October schedule into account when selecting the date, or at least she placated me by claiming so… You may safely assume I’ll be there!)

Back to New York (after being gone for 10 days) for a couple of days to do laundry, decompress, get settled back in, and so on… And then down to Washington, DC for the annual PFLAG convention. This is for a 4-day visit, hopefully learning how my company can be better supporters of PFLAG’s mission in the communities where the bank operates. This will actually be my first time attending, so I’m eager to see how it goes.

Over 8,000 miles flown in the course of five weeks. I’m tired just reading the list.

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